Hip Hop Forum Digital Magazine

One of the best events for me this year, without a doubt has been a new gig writing for the US-based Hip Hop Forum digital magazine

Self-described as a 'RAW' magazine where you find hip-hop from the golden era, Hip Hop Forum digital magazine is much more than this in fact; both looking back to the past and the future, it's a shifting series of articles on emcees, producers, graffiti artists ... It's got a close to the community feel, which I like and a strong commitment to supporting new artists and those not given the attention they deserve. As one of the magazine founders, James Mayfield (who set it up with Chicago-based Lateef Williams) told me in our initial interview, HHF digital magazine is about underground hip-hop; but not just the music, but hip-hop as a culture and way of life, grounded in the US but reaching out to the world.

Super happy to say that my first two articles for HHF are now online: the first is an interview with a really talented MC from Philadelphia, Crazie K!D AnonYmous who put out one of my favourite tracks from this past year and an interview with Moody Black, an emcee/poet from South Carolina with a powerful message to give. 

Read both articles here on the HHF site. (Peace).