Total Chaos: continuing ed.

Two books arrived from the U.S. recently, one included a sticker from Flexfit on page 85; Joseph Schloss's excellent Making Beats: the art of sample-based hip-hop and Jeff Chang's anthology of writings on hip-hop, Total Chaos.

Really loved this from the essay by Danny Hoch 'Toward a Hip-Hop Aesthetic: a Manifesto for the Hip-Hop Arts Movement' - 

In the 1970s when the NYC Board of Education realized it was failing to adequately educate the city’s poor Black and Latino youth, they implemented an unofficial curriculum of limericks in all English classes from first grade to high school. Instead of overhauling the entire system and relocating resources, they figured if they could get the kids to rhyme, maybe they could read enough to fill out a job application. Well, Scottish (or Irish, ed.) limericks are pretty boring. But they sure are catchy. Problem was, “There once was a lad from Gylwynny, who sold his poor sheep for a penny...” aint got nothing to do with what’s happening in the South Bronx in 1974. So young people appropriated limericks and made them about their own experiences, everything from party rhymes to rhymes about self-worth and micro and macro sociopolitical analyses.
— Danny Hoch, 'Toward a hip-hop aesthetic' Total Chaos, p.353