Cool Summer (in London)

At a blues bar in Camden after the Black Milk show, a man from Liverpool tried to convince me of the genius of Queen (going so far as to name each band member to then describe their musical gifts), the band fronted by a blind guitarist played the VU's 'I'm waiting for the  man'. A Hasidic Jew danced in front of us.

The Liverpool man asked me what music I liked - I mentioned the unholy trinity, punk or ugly guitar music; hip-hop and dub (with jazz, of course) and he said, 'Punk, like the Sex Pistols?'

Having a pretty patchy time with London radio; all of my music friends here tell me to listen to BBC Radio 6, download a program the night before, they tell me. Trying to keep an open mind, I'm listening to the mainstream music stations (I even tried listening to Lionel Ritchie in the spirit of tolerance,  but couldn't last the distance) and a lot of drum n bass.

One station has very chirpy female djs and one night one said,  'Haven't heard anything from this band tonight, so time for some .... Megadeth' A few minutes earlier it was ZZ Top.

When waiting for a friend in the West End, the same dj (I think) said,  'It's a beautiful summer evening, this always makes me think of ELO.' Later that night when we came out of the club, the white buildings along Oxford Street in the lights looked like meringue.