Launch Collective drum and bass event (London)

Stinky, sweaty, smelly: you enter the main room, not much more than a pub-room, though with a beautiful sound system, which although running an industrial-size fan is thick with the bodies - as the dnb devotees put it in an obvious nod - 'skanking' there.

More community than corporate glitz and a sweet thing, I'd never experienced anything like it. Running all night until 6 am (because as one of the promoters told me in London people rarely go to a club before midnight and the public transport so feckless you have no other choice than to stay on).

What really moved me was the set by Loxy, which seem drenched in a dub mindset and soulful with the emcee talking towards the end about 'revolution' - perhaps because of a kind of splitting of the beat, doubling or moving away from the emphasis on the standard bpm, though the people I spoke to later tended to agree that Sweetpea nailed it. Both for her ability to artfully put together a set and her ability to connect with the crowd. I'll write more on this - after setting up some interviews, if all goes to plan - in the meantime ... 

PS When we emerged at 6 am the aforementioned ultra-orthodox Jew was outside, mingling with the crowd, when I mentioned him to someone, they answered simply, 'That's London'.