Zero Hour: France after Terrorism


The time at which a planned operation, typically a military one, is set to begin.

  • as zero hour approached, thirty ships swung into position

    the appointed time, the appointed hour, the crucial moment, the vital moment, the critical moment, the moment of truth, the point/moment of decision, the Rubicon, the critical point, the crux


  • Denoting or relating to a contract of employment that does not include a guarantee of regular work for the employee, who is paid only for the hours they actually work: their survey suggested that one million people are employed on low-security zero hour contracts.

Here is the first section from the book that I'm writing on Paris and France after the terrorist attacks last year, called Zero Hour. In this chapter I evoke how it feels to be in Paris now, while also describing the 'psychology of poverty' and what it is like to live on an unstable income in France.