Media & English Training & Writing Services

Courses for Journalists/Artists & Musicians/English Language courses for Business Professionals

Training for Journalists

Develop skills to work as a professional journalist in print/radio/TV and online - course for people who either want to break into journalism, or further develop their skills (appropriate for native and non-native speakers of English).

By the end of the course you will know how:

- to contact artists, politicians, agents/managers and editors and then set up an interview

- to structure an interview and ask effective questions to get a strong response (inc. questions to avoid)

- to research/edit your work (inc. advice on key resources and processes) 

- to approach editors to try and place your interview, or self-publish.

These courses include original material, based on my many years experience as a professional journalist and also published/broadcast examples to study. The focus of the course will depend on student needs, but by the end allow you to work as a journalist with confidence.

Media Training for Artists & Musicians

Get personalised feedback and individual training on how to best present yourself to journalists, in interview situations and other contexts, including online. This coaching can be either a stand-alone course, or ongoing coaching. 

All training programs will focus on how:

- to present your work and career in a professional way, from first contact, whether by messages/email or phone contact

- to best contact journalists or magazines to interest your work, including how and when to involve your publicist/manager

- to answer interview questions in an effective and engaging way, including tips on how the journalist will be thinking and what they are looking for and how to avoid common mistakes

- to maintain relationships with journalists and media professionals.

This coaching can also include advice - and written support -for websites and promotional material.

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