In praise of: Félicité, dir Alain Gomis (2017)

(Oh, how I adored this film): the winner of the Silver Bear Grand Jury Prize at this year's Berlin Film Festival, directed by Alain Gomis - who is of mixed French-Senegalese heritage - offering up an expression of the cinema of the unheard that is full of beauty and mystery (I especially appreciated those scenes that represented 'the night') alongside a moving evocation of love; a mother's love and a love between two people, coming together despite or because of their imperfections. And the way it was filmed, all those close-ups that encouraged us to experience, alongside the characters, something of their daily fight to live a life of dignity, amid such cruelty - wonderful performances too and music, of course.      

See the press conference below from the festival where Gomis speaks of the orchestra as 'the ancient heart' (and later 'the beating heart') of the film and how this music symbolises the possibility of reconciliation.