New gig, writing for Ambrosia for Heads

Maybe you've noticed, but I've been a bit quiet here. Well, there's good reason for this as for the past month or so I've been writing articles and reviews for the US hip-hop magazine, Ambrosia for Heads. Info from the website's "about":

Ambrosia For Heads was launched in 2010 with the purpose of bringing a core audience the best of everything. As the name suggests, we aim to connect those in the know with the food of the gods, or the best content available. Whether music, Hip-Hop, film, fashion, comedy, or otherwise, we respect our history and usher the future for a utopia where only the finest is celebrated.

At times this work has seemed more like a reporter's boot-camp than the chilled-out, leisurely life of a writer for hire, as conceived in the public imagination. The editor contacts me with an idea, normally around dinner-time here in Paris and I get to work, trying to get the story done - and done well - within the shortest possible time frame. Don't misunderstand me, though, I'm loving it (as they say).

Working like this is a jolt back to my journalist past, feeding into the same adrenalin-driven buzz that I remember from working as a SBS TV World News reporter chasing down people to interview, racing around the Sydney suburbs, never feeling completely at ease, always fully aware of the daily deadline inching ever closer. It's fun and a challenge and I'm happy; and I'm learning a lot as a writer and a devotee of the culture.   

Over this period, I've had some great assignments, here's some of them: Weldon Irvine and Stevie WonderNas speaking about his debt to Biggie; a review of "Bullet Club" (Lloyd Banks/Conway/Benny); a story based on research into the "Migos Flow" tracing it back to Bone Thugs and P.E.; and more recently Alchemist in Paris and O.C./Apathy's Soviet-themed album, Perestroika. Check out my author's page at the site. 

Spellbound, totally ...