"Church Going" Philip Larkin, read by Tom O'Bedlam (The Less Deceived, The Fortune Press, 1955)

A little obvious perhaps, it’s certainly one of the most famous poems written in English, well-known to any school or university literature student, but it’s still one of the most beautiful, especially in this reading. Often it’s stated baldly that this is not a religious poem, or is used to describe the increase of secularisation in Western countries, but the final verses remain ambiguous to me, as if the need - as we have seen in Paris recently - for some kind of communal space, whether it’s linked to religion or culture remains a keep aspect of what it is to be human.

“Bored uninformed knowing the ghostly silt
Dispersed yet tending to this cross of ground
Through suburb scrub because it held unspilt
So long and equably what since is found
Only in separation--marriage and birth 
And death and thoughts of these--for which was built
This special shell? For though I've no idea
What this accoutred frowsty barn is worth 
It pleases me to stand in silence here;

A serious house on serious earth it is 
In whose blent air all our compulsions meet 
Are recognised and robed as destinies.
And that much never can be obsolete 
Since someone will forever be surprising
A hunger in himself to be more serious 
And gravitating with it to this ground 
Which he once heard was proper to grow wise in 
If only that so many dead lie round.”

(It pleases me to stand in silence here).

City of women: new writing @ in praise of ... spanning jazz, disco, neo-soul and ah, Nico

'Sisters, beware ... A man is lurking among us ...'

(description follows the order that I published the work on the site)

Writing on Nina Simone's melancholy lament 'He needs me' with her glorious piece of music - total/perfect construction - 'Good Bait' - Versions: 'So in love' (Shirley Bassey, Julie London and more) - disco divas, Loleatta Holloway & Gwen McCrae/Vanessa Kendrick - the super-talented new voice, Jamila Woods singing of escape, and also being satisfied where you are/where you find yourself in the current moment. And then Nico being Nico; totally present, sharing her strong sense of self via her incomparable cover of the Dylan song 'I'll keep it with mine.'