Boulevard Barbès, Paris

Jean Cocteau (Parking); mobile phone shops - offering to unblock, repair, sell at a fair price - kebab bars, shops selling irons, prayer-mats, tracksuits in green and white.

El Aziz Ji Bazar, with the two photos of extraordinarily earnest-looking men with oversized moustaches (one moustache white, the other black). Are they brothers, or the same man? 

Whenever I am free at night, this is where I walk with music in my ears; letting the sudden gust of air from the metallic grills of the métro, down there in the concrete ... 

Forever  remaining in Barbès with others adrift kept here because of our sons and daughters - dreaming of Bamako; dreaming of Tbilisi; dreaming of Algiers (shuffling in plastic, often but not always Adidas).

Near the métro named after the French revolutionary Barbès, Armand Sigismond Auguste (1809-1870) described as 'peerless conspirator' by one; 'a man of action without a program' by another and 'scourge of the establishment' by Karl Marx.

You find TATI - Les plus bas prix - the downmarket department store, that lights up with silver at Christmas and also the magical wonder, Le Louxor - Palais de Cinéma.