Emcees getting r-r-r-romantic

Recently I read a rather earnest article about how the hip-hop universe was better now because MCs were more able to express their feelings and not be so macho (and other reasons too that included Nicki Minaj).

The journalist mentioned how the LL Cool J track, 'I need love' was criticised by some for being too soft - rather than the white outfit in the video being a crime against commonly held fashion norms - when released in 1987.

Now, I'm wary about any notion that one era of music is better than another (something that happens routinely in discussions about hip-hop, more than any other kind of music, it seems to me) and there have always been romantic songs in the genre.  

The following video, for instance, so magic/strange and funny; it makes me happy that I live on this planet; move over Sonny and Cher, Tammi and Marvin, Kenny and Dolly ....