Captain Rock 'The Pure' (NIA Records, 1984)

JayQuan : Where are you from , and how did you get into Hip Hop?
Capt Rock : I am from Manhattan and I started as a Dj for Jeckyll & Hyde . I was called Dj Ronnie Green .
JQ : Who did the writing on those songs ?
CR : Jeckyll & Hyde did all but Cosmic Blast - I wrote that one .
JQ : How about Future Shock...did that do was hot here in VA.
CR : Yes it did very well especially in Philly...I remember getting in the car with the Aleems and driving all over the country with a trunk full of records .
JQ : I think your best joint was Cosmic had Scratching , Beatboxing and the whole 9 . It was a lot slower than your other records .
CR : Yeah Dj Darryll D did the Scratching , and Richie Rich Beatboxed . I wrote that record in front of my projects in like 2 days . It was very big in New York....probably the slower tempo.
JQ : Who did you perform with during your career ?
CR : Man....Mick Jagger , Run DMC , LL Cool J , Chaka Khan , Rebbie Jackson , Whodini.....
JQ : What do you think of current rap ?
CR : I dont like all the cursing, and negativity ......we paved the way for the current rappers , and I dont like the subject matter . We use to go to the schools , hospitals , basketball tournaments......everywhere when we toured . I dont see that now. We respected what we were doing.......these guys are making a lot of money , but there is no respect.
JQ : Thanks for your time....

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— Interview with JayQuan 11/8/01,