Wipers 'Over the edge' (1983)/MBV 'You made me realise' (1988)

So continuing the conversation (with myself, cough) below about the hallmark of guitar music, being a replication of a total sonic world; a complete and all-encompassing wall of sound.

Here are two examples for the defence: Wipers' 'Over the edge' -

Portland's finest forgetten sons, remembered and celebrated by the singer of a much more famous band and the ultimate example of the UK - or Irish to be more accurate - obsession with hitting the perfect beat, 'You made me realise' by My Bloody Valentine ...

Small confession time: I'm not a monumental Wipers fan, I much prefer the Melvins cover of 'Youth of America' to the original and much of their output kind of bores me, as it's far too mono-dimensional in terms of its emotional quotient , much too black/white, but there's no doubt in my mind that the above track is one of real genius.  

If you listen to the way the instruments work together, it's hard to find anything purer than this; anything stronger and clearer in its intent. I love the repetition of the swing; it has a kind of pure poppiness that is strangled by the vocals and the lumbering guitar-line.  Machine-like, it hits the mark.

Also love the music-nerdiness of the following quote from the Wipers' singer Greg Sage recounting his early passion for music: 

I would spend countless hours studying the grooves I would cut under the microscope that was attached to the lathe and loved the way music looked, moved and modulated within the thin walls. I might have spent too much time studying music through a microscope because it gave me a completely different outlook on what music is and a totally opposite understanding of it as well. There was something very magical and private when I zoomed into the magnified and secret world of sound in motion. I got to the point that I needed to create and paint my own sounds and colors into the walls of these grooves.

As for My Bloody Valentine, well, what you can you say, other than there is no more perfect pop moment in the entire ugly guitar music scene than this. I often try to filter the instruments; listen to the drum-beat in isolation; listen to the guitars ... When I listen to this drum-beat, I love the fact that it is so artificial, it could be a sample overlaid.