'Don't mash up creation' & dub, Sharon Little (1 Love Records, 1981)

Why is there so much rubbish/excess on this planet, in that I can find out detailed information on the inane but nothing, zero, zip on this great artist and this amazing track she wrote?

Diesel_Nut84 9 months ago
Rastafari Liveth!!! Love from Pakistan
culturalbullshit 5 months ago
peace men
itisonlyme 14 months ago
Hello, love from London, UK
Diesel_Nut844 months ago
+itisonlyme1 cheers mates
Vibe Delivery 4 months ago
hail from Russia 1love
Houssem El Fekih 1 month ago
now let’s go save our nations.
Ghost R1 month ago (edited)
Jah Bless! From Ukraine! 1 Love!
Ghost R1 month ago
Растаманы всех стран объединяйтесь!
Jamming InDaStreets 1 week ago
Maybe you should listen to Gregory Isaacs Going down town. I feel like a lot of the Pakistani people living in poverty could really relate to it’s message. Being positive is great but we also have to fight worlds injustices instead of just ignoring them.
Diesel_Nut841 week ago
poverty exists everywhere, even in the US. I relate to this music b/c it connects people on spiritual level, talks down against war and conflict and confronts injustice.
Houssem El Fekih1 week ago
there is no cure for poverty of the mind and soul except maybe good music.
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