'Time is so hard' Barrington Levy, prod. B.Levy, mixed by Scientist (Run Come Ya!, Puff Records, 1981)

Basically just a perfect song of its type, listen to the wonderful mix of the whizz/space-age sounds, the delicate vocal and the bassline/drums. Backed up by the great Roots Radics, the group that ushered in a new music form  ...

Somewhere late in 1979 the band recorded the riddims for Barrington Levy’s first songs for producer Henry “Junjo” Lawes, credited at the time as the Channel One Stars. With hindsight these riddims are now considered the birth of Jamaican dancehall music.

I found this track on the really nice compilation of Levy's early work: 

And it immediately struck me for its graceful contrast (between the aforementioned elements) and the straight, sincere vocal delivery. I really like the way the music supports and 'plays' with the vocalist's presence in this under-stated way. 

Here's a great article on Levy - 'Ten things you did not know about Barrington Levy' - from the MidnightRaver site that describes Levy's difficult childhood and how he grew up on the streets and that he's known as the 'mellow canary' in Jamaica for his 'unique wail'.