Lanquidity, Sun Ra (Philly Jazz, 1978; reissue Evidence, 2000)

'People are sleeping and I'm trying to wake them up from slumber' Sun Ra  

Heavenly from beginning to end; strange that it's not better known, or to be more precise, more listened to as in some ways this release from Sun Ra, put out on a very small Philadelphia label is more accessible than his other works. 

Often the beat seems too-slow, or slightly off and yet this works with all this high-end complexity of the other instruments; the momentary sounds (or noises) that come to add to the general sense of momentum. Whether the swamp-groove of 'Where pathways meet' or the melodic 'That's how I feel' or the dramatic closer 'There are other worlds (they have not told you of' this album is grounded and celestial at the same time.  

In this 1971 interview that includes just beautiful outtakes of the band's rhythmic diversions and various sequences of otherworldly dancing ...

the interviewer with his very formal RP voice asks Sun Ra what he thinks the human race should do to save the planet.

Sun Ra: Well, the human race is always good for freedom (...) Another type of being comes on to the planet and has no human rights, I don't suppose they ever thought about it, the other sorts of beings in the universe, which country do they have? What human rights?

If someone lands on earth from outer space, what kind of treatment would they get? Which country do they have that would give them any kind of respect?

Not only humans, (there are) angels on the planet ... I don't know any country that has rights for angels.*

(*My transcription, could be inaccurate).