'Babe I'm gonna leave you' Barbara Muller (Double Premiere, Quote Records, 1964) plus Tia Blake

In the series of songs made famous by unworthy, thieving others who shall remain nameless in this little missive, no I know nothing about this singer; Barbara Muller seems to have fallen off into total obscurity as measured by mentions on the Internet in 2016, but just listen to her amazing, extraordinary voice and the distance embodied by her performance.

Unlike those other excessive types, with long hair blowing in the manufactured breeze milking everything that remains to be stolen, Muller refuses us any point of connection: her diffidence is striking, as if she is reading rather than singing. And I think it's gorgeous.

I'm not sure what's happening to me at the moment, as until very recently I had declared a fatwa against folk music ('never trust a hippy' you know how it goes) but I wonder if the circle might be turning somehow, as this other song by Barbara Muller from the same album is similarly very beautiful: 'Little child ...' 

Again, I don't know anything about the track below, it's one of those chance offerings that is 'recommended' for me, hope you appreciate it too.