'Tripping out' Curtis Mayfield (1980) & Camp Lo ('Black Nostaljack', 1997)

Carried along by Mayfield's amazing vocal-line, it's difficult to describe the contradictory feelings it evokes; at once plaintive, but uncertain; and then stagey, affected and shy. The original version has the most over the top production and guitar sound that contrasts beautifully with his delicate falsetto. This is such a fantastic song. Here's the disco version: 

And the Slayd5000 remix the strengthens the vocal presence, which is a bit of a shame in some ways, even though I like the sound in general: 

And then the Bronx group, Camp Lo sampled the song in their 1997 track, Black Nostaljack (aka Come On)  basically recycling the key refrain, without any attempt at keeping the mood. No criticism intended, it's pretty special as well.