'Ararat Dance' Stefano Battaglia Trio (The river of Anyder, ECM, 2011)

Battaglia, an Italian pianist (classical music and jazz) is a very literary type, citing a number of different writers as inspiration for the 'mythical geographies' (Thom Jurek, AllMusic review) on this release, The River of Anyder album; inspirations include writers such as the Rumi, Rimbaud, Hildegard von Bingen, Black Elk and the English painter, Francis Bacon. Jurek writes: 

The Rumi-inspired pieces like ‘Ararat Dance,’ for starters, find the pianist beginning his jazz ascent, taking a more prominent role, and double-timing his rhythm section with stellar arpeggios and ostinati.

This is a truly lovely piece of music, I especially appreciate the bass-line, so internal, rubbing away at the surface and the way the piano makes brief exploratory movements, reaching out. You can hear other tracks from the album here or go to Stefano Battaglia's website to learn more about the artist.