'It's no game' parts 1 & 2 David Bowie (Scary Monsters - and Super Creeps, RCA Records, 1980)


Shiruetto ya kage ga kakumei o miteiru
Mo tengoku no giyu no kaidan wa nai2

Silhouettes and shadows
watch the revolution
No more free steps to heaven
It’s no game

Ore genjitsu kara shime dasare
Nani ga okkote irunoka wakara nai
Doko ni kyokun wa arunoka
Hitobito wa yubi o orareteiru
Konna dokusaisha ni iyashime rareru nowa kanashii

I am bored from the event
I really don’t understand the situation
And it’s no game

Documentaries on refugees
Couples ‘gainst the target
You throw a rock against the road
And it breaks into pieces
Draw the blinds on yesterday,
and it’s all so much scarier
Put a bullet in my brain,
and it makes all the papers 2

Nammin no kiroku eiga
Hyoteki o se ni shita koibito tachi
Michi ni ishi o nage reba
Kona gona ni kudake
Kino ni huta o sureba
Kyohu wa masu
Ore no atama ni tama o buchi kome ba
Shinbun wa kaki tateru

So where’s the moral
when people have their fingers broken2
To be insulted by these fascists
it’s so degrading
And it’s no game

Shut up! Shutu

Opening the record, 'Shut up! Shutu ..' with the Japanese actress, Michi Hirota included Bowie said 'to break down a particular sexist attitude regarding Japanese girls and women in general' with Bowie screaming out the English translation of 'as if he's literally tearing out his intestines'. Check out this page for Bowie-related japonaiserie, which includes a picture of Bowie and Hirota together. 

The song makes use of an earlier unreleased track called 'Tired of my life' recorded in 1970 and apparently written when Bowie was only 16, here's the demo:

Certainly the opening is beautiful in itself, but the cool delivery part 2 speaks to me: especially now in this era of TV-prototype fascist tendencies, where the potential dictators and politico-confidence tricksters, have bad make-up and wayward hair.