PJ Harvey 'Silence' (White Chalk, Island Records, 2007)

All those places
Where I recall the memories
That gripped me
And pinned me down

I go to these places
Intending to think
To think of nothing
No anticipate

And somehow expect
You’ll find me there
That by some miracle
You’d be aware

Ordinary, nothing special cars; super-imposed onto a screen and then the repeated close-up onto something that you can't see. Despite my default setting of teenage kicks, I keep wanting to write about 'quiet' (in hip-hop; in other music).

I love the way they have layered that soft drum-beat, sibilant over the rest of the sounds here: 'I freed myself from my family/I freed myself from work/I freed myself
I freed myself/And remained alone.'

This drumming, ever-present but disappearing makes me think of this beautiful song that we all know where the sweet confidence of the vocals is supported by a similarly reticent, but central syncopated drum-beat. 

(You could write an entire essay on the importance of the backing vocals in this song; 'forever and ever ... ' the way the sheer certainty of the delivery and clarity of sound become a driving force).   

PJ Harvey: all morning I tried to find a live recording, where her expressive vocals, her expression of longing was offered a counter-point by found noise, people speaking, the sound of glass; what the sound engineers used to call atmosphere ('atmos') and then I discovered this (again).