'Afro-Desia' Lonnie Smith (Groove Merchant International, 1975)

Words wouldn't do justice to this marvel - that completely outshines the other offerings on the record (some of which are MOR-unlistenable). Featuring an uncredited George Benson on guitar before he became a singer. Here is (Dr) Lonnie Smith talking about the track in a 2012 interview

The album, grittier, bolder and much more modern than his work from just a few years before, represents another in the intriguing sideroads that Smith has consistently explored.

LONNIE SMITH: That’s the key! That’s what I wanted to do — to reach as wide a group of people as possible. It’s like, one day you want steak, then you might want fish the next day, or lobster. Everybody doesn’t like sushi, but I love sushi. You understand what I’m saying? So, what I do is, I try to understand what people really yearn for. Something that they have a taste for. And that’s why I’m out here — to give the people something they can relate to.