'Ocean' Lou Reed/Velvet Underground - demo versions

Red and black beetles are joined, as I poke at them and they waddle backwards on the hot concrete; walking home from school with the other children, at the end of summer. Decades later I return to this memory, a little unnaturally; this single memory.

This single memory. Uncertain as to why, but wanting the empty comfort that forever eludes me. Older brothers playing me vinyl records. 

Now as I seek connection with my past I return to Lou Reed and the Velvets, remembering that first listening to 'Ocean' (and 'Heroin' discovering that process of development and the falling back, and feeling some kind of amazement at the essential mystery of it all).    

One, two, three, four ... 

Writing about music is a strange thing as the songs that really touch you leave you without words, but listen to the kick of that beat and how it works with the country-esque guitar - how those elements work together and Lou Reed sings above it all. 

Thinking back now I think the version that really affected me deeply was the live version on the double album, 1969 ... Just like the girl listening to the New York station whose life was saved by rock n'roll something shifted for me when I heard this for the first time.

And just to keep it fresh, here's a very rare acoustic demo (just Lou Reed on guitar) where the delivery takes on an entirely different tone.