L'Atalante (dir. Jean Vigo, 1934)

Two scenes Underwater dance

'The skipper jumped in the water!'

'Jumped in the water?'

Distraught by the loss of his wife, Juliette, the barge captain, Jean jumps in the water after remembering how Juliette had told him a folk-tale that you can see the face of your true love in the water.

Jean, the captain of the canal barge L’Atalante, marries Juliette in her village. They decide to live aboard L’Atalante along with Jean’s crew, Père Jules and the cabin boy.

The couple travel to Paris to deliver cargo, enjoying a makeshift honeymoon en route. Jules and the cabin boy are not used to the presence of a woman aboard. When Jean discovers Juliette and Jules talking in Jules’s quarters, Jean flies into a jealous rage by smashing plates and by sending Jules’s cats scattering.

Arriving in Paris, Jean promises Juliette a night out, but Jules and the cabin boy disembark to go see a fortune teller. This disappoints Juliette because Jean cannot leave the barge unattended.

Later, however, Jean takes Juliette to a dance hall. There, they meet a street peddler who flirts with Juliette, dances with her, and asks her to run off with him. This leads to a scuffle with Jean, after which he drags Juliette back to the barge. Juliette still wants to see the nightlife in Paris however, so she sneaks off the barge to go see the sights. When Jean discovers that she sneaked off the barge, he furiously casts off and leaves Juliette behind in Paris.

Unaware that Jean had already left, Juliette goes window shopping. When she returns to the barge and finds that it’s gone, she tries to buy a train ticket home, but someone steals her purse before she is able to. She is forced to find a job so she can afford to find a place to stay in Paris.

Meanwhile, Jean comes to regret his decision, and slips into depression. He is summoned by his company’s manager, but Jules manages to keep him from losing his job. Jean recalls a folk tale that Juliette once told him. She said that one can see the face of one’s true love in the water. He attempts to recreate this by dunking his head in a bucket, and failing that, jumping into the river. Jules decides to leave and try to find Juliette. He finds her and they return to the barge where the couple reunites and happily embrace each other.
— L'Atalante, Wikipedia

Scene two: Père Jules

Exotic objects, including the hands of his friend in a glass jar; these tattoos 'keep (me) warm' - the magic of these objects, no it's not a knife, it's a switch-blade.

'I'll play the acccordian for you.'

'Nothing but beautiful things ...'

(Caracas during the revolution in 1890; Havana; China and Japan).

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