'Speeding Motorcycle' Daniel Johnston (Yip/Jump Music, 1983)

The quality of being sincere ...

Have a look at this really nice interview with Daniel Johnston in 2002, from Pitchfork, where he meets with the journalist at Atomic Books in Baltimore after buying some comics; talks about his love for the Beatles (Queen) and how the art of Salvador Dali is 'so loud'.

Read the following extract as it fits perfectly with current theme; Daniel Johnston here is talking about his performance of the above track with Yo La Tengo:

Johnston: Yeah, I played live with them once about a half year ago. And they were gonna do “Speeding Motorcycle,” and when they called me out to do it, there were like 3,000 people there maybe— one of the biggest audiences I ever sang for. And they called me out and said “Daniel Johnston!” and everyone was like [roaring crowd noise], and I just felt like Bruce Springsteen. It just seemed like a Bruce Springsteen incident. I was just singing it, but it just sounded like a pop song and everything. It was all improvised, but they were playing it like some synthesized pop song. It was hilarious!

The Yo La Tengo cover, without Johnston, is pretty dreary (I couldn't finish it) but I like this radio version with them together, where Daniel calls in the vocals: 

'Hi band ..'