'Sandstorms'/Just another day, Carl Craig (Planet E, 2004/2011)

And God said unto Noah, the end of all flesh is come before Me; for the earth is filled with violence through Them; and, behold I will destroy Them with the earth
Genesis 6:13 

('Notes' on Just another day, Discogs site)

(The) “interesting and sadly ironic thing about the release is that the cut ‘Sandstorms’ is about the second Gulf War. I say ironic because seven years later, we’re still at war in the region with no true end in sight.

“Also, if you look closely at the cover artwork, you’ll notice it also follows the theme of warfare. Each track sets a very distinct emotional tone. It starts out very high and even hopeful with ‘Twilight’, then descends into deeper, more morose feelings with ‘Sandstorms’ and ‘Darkness’, until it ends in sheer insanity/chaos with ‘Experimento’. You could say it mirrors the history of this country or even the city of Detroit. I’m not sure if that’s what Carl intended but as a listener, this is how I interpret it.
— Planet E label manager Monty Luke, 'Carl Craig gives his classic 'Sandstorms' a 2011 update', FACT, 13th Oct 2011