'Harvest time' Pharoah Sanders (Pharoah, India Navigation, 1977)

This album got truly awful reviews when it was released, with one critic comparing some of the music to Santana (that's mean), and even though I can understand the criticism of the second track - Sanders' exploration of R&B, apparently - I can't get why anyone could dislike the multi-faceted cool of the majestic 'Harvest time' that opens the record.

Sanders is often characterised as the one overlooked in discussions and assessments of Spiritual Jazz. ... the one who is misunderstood, or even maligned by some and yet this piece of music is so perfect in and of itself, it seems to me, with such sweet sounds and a delicacy about it. You don't even notice the duration. 

Here's a really informative and well-written article on Pharaoh Sanders' Impulse! albums that also considers his work, in light of his contemporaries, published this year (written by Andy Beta) and I think encourages us to offer the musician the respect he deserves.