'I don't wanna lose your love' The Emotions - funky purrfection version (Flowers, CBS, 1976)

There are so many different reasons to appreciate this record - for the perfect balance between the musical elements, the way it remains perfectly controlled but not cold and the amazing sound quality of the recording and quality musicianship. What I like though is the (cute) intelligent interaction between the singers, the Hutchinson sisters from Chicago who had a number of hits in the 1970s (some in association with Earth, Wind & Fire).

Maybe at some point I'll write this, as it's been ruminating in my mind for a while; a piece of writing on various backing-vocal performances, and this piece of music would be included if I do get there. Offering commentary, emphasis and adding intensity - at one point almost whispering in a kind of determined kind of way - the singers work together, offering an echo (that element that has carried on into the more recent forms of black American music, say hip-hop ...'for sure').  

I don’t wanna lose your love (I don’t wanna)
I don’t wanna lose your love
Don’t wanna lose your love (Don’t wanna lose you)
I don’t wanna lose your love (Oh, come on)

Come on and say that you will (Say you will)
I’ll do the best to fulfill (I will be there)
I don’t wanna lose your love
I don’t wanna lose your love

I think you need my love
You can’t defeat my love (My love)
You won’t believe my love (Don’t wanna lose you)
I don’t wanna lose your love

Hey, hey, yeah, hey, hey, well

You just don’t know, oh, whoa
What you do to me, well
I wanna ask you somethin’
Hey, baby, hey, baby

I think we can make it
How ‘bout you?
But don’t just send me away (Away)
To be alone I don’t
Think I can take it

’Cause if you tell me to go (Yeah, I will)
I will leave you, oh (For sure)
Don’t ask me to stay
And do me wrong, yeah

This song has been sampled by various acts, perhaps most famously in the 1991 'anthem' by Primal Scream, 'Loaded' and also in the Atlanta rap act, MC Shy D Bust who is, apparently, 'is credited with bringing authentic Bronx-style hip-hop to Atlanta (and Miami)' in his 1987 track, 'Bust this'. 

Perhaps most dramatically 'I don't wanna lose your love' was sampled in 1991 by the UK breakbeat hardcore group 2 bad mice, also in 1991: