'Queen Bitch' David Bowie (Hunky Dory, RCA, 1971)

Continuing my theme, of body and breath; absolutely adore the beginning of this song ... A track that was written to express Bowie's love for Lou Reed and the Velvets, or in the words of a nameless other: 

Bowie first discovered the Velvet Underground when his manager, Kenneth Pitt, gave him an acetate of the then-unreleased The Velvet Underground and Nico in 1966. The 19-year-old Bowie fell in love with the music and with the idea of New York City as the sexy den of scum and villainy he heard in the music. The vision was so seductive that Bowie was continually drawn back to NYC throughout his life. He’s lived there continually since the late ‘90s.

As for Lou Reed, Bowie went on to produce his 1972 album Transformer, giving him the single biggest success of his career. They became lifelong friends (however mercurial and frequently at each other’s throats).

Check out this really fab concert performance of Bowie and Reed playing 'Queen Bitch' and the VU classic 'Waiting for the man' at the aforementioned's 50th birthday bash in 1997, found here in this Rolling Stone article

Two points of trivia: the riff apparently came from the 1960 number by Eddie Cochran, 'Three steps to heaven' and 'Queen Bitch' was - again apparently - a major inspiration for this major-pop hit of recent times, which I have to admit to having listened to on occasion (even if this punctures my alt-credibility just a tad):