'Return to forever' Chick Corea (Return to forever, ECM, 1972) plus live performance

Originally this piece of music was going to be part of a trilogy (sounds just a trifle pretentious here) of pieces of writing that I'd planned in my head on jazz; this piece of music was going to represent 'precision'. Now this idea strikes me as a bit corny, and the music doesn't strike me as so cool and precise, so I'll be quiet and sample some other sources. 

Go for it wikip:

The first track can be divided into five parts. There are three short parts in which Corea plays simple, haunting melodies with Purim doubling them with her voice. Between these three parts there are two longer parts in which the whole band plays. These main parts are both based on their own riffs. Farrell plays a flute solo over the first main part and Corea plays solo over the second. Moreira’s drum pattern gives the composition an airy feeling of its own. Purim sings along with riffs, screaming a bit towards the end.

And the Allmusic review

Nonetheless, Return to Forever is every bit as classic, using a similar blend of spacy electric-piano fusion and Brazilian and Latin rhythms. It’s all very warm, light, and airy, like a soft breeze on a tropical beach — hardly the sort of firebrand approach to fusion that Miles Davis, Tony Williams, and the Mahavishnu Orchestra were exploring, and far less rooted in funk or rock. Corea also bathes the album in an undertone of trippy mysticism, not only in the (admittedly dated) lyrics, but in his cosmic keyboard wanderings, which remain melodic and accessible through most of the record.

And here's a pretty wonderful live performance from 1976 of the Chick Corea group, Return to Forever, like the strange filming effect that focusses on the musicians' backs and the chic-innocence of it all. What has happened to the planet since then?