‘New York’s Movin’ Ahzz (instrumental/single - Land of Hits, 1981)

Next to nothing available online about the artist or track, even if me writing this might be getting a bit boring/redundant now as it is the case for x-percent of the music featured here, nothing outside the artist/track info from AllMusic written by Andy Kellman: 

While just about any garage rock band that merely thought about recording a single has had their history documented in some form, the same cannot be said for countless disco and funk outfits that existed for short periods of time during the ‘70s. Ahzz would be one of those outfits for which little is known. A gliding, shimmering, dancefloor instrumental with lots of dub-style knob tweakings and a heart-stopping breakdown, the eight-minute “New York Moving” is one of the finest nuggets in the archive of Peter Brown and Patrick Adams’ numerous label catalogues. Released on the producers’ Land of Hits label in 1980, the song has thankfully remained in circulation thanks to Counterpoint’s Disco Juice, Vol. 2 compilation, which – like the first volume – documented Adams’ and Brown’s independent output.

(“dub-style knob tweakings and a heart-stopping breakdown”)

Happiness music that is so easy to appreciate, perfect in its construction with all the necessary elements: the deep drum/bass, the higher transcendent notes and hand-clap effects. Just a few seconds before the three-minute mark it becomes more complex, leaving the heartbeat of the drum exposed. And then at the end it becomes so clean and repetitive to end with a flourish. Producer Osborne Hunter appears to be only remembered for his work here, nothing else comes up when you search for his name.