'Catch me on the rebound' Loleatta Holloway, 12" W.Gibbons remix (Salsound Records, 1978)

From an article on Loleatta Holloway published in The Independent in 2011 where she speaks about 'Hit and Run': 

"In April 1976 she signed to Gold Mind, a subsidiary of Salsoul, the New York label owned by the Cayre brothers that became a powerhouse of disco. Working at Sigma Sound Studios in Philadelphia with the producer, songwriter and guitarist Norman Harris, and several of the session musicians associated with Philly Soul, she was at the forefront of the '70s phenomenon when she cut the epic "Hit And Run", whose Walter Gibbons 12in disco mix clocked in at 11 minutes.

"I wondered how on earth I was going to sing that fast and that long," she recalled. Yet, as the track evolved, she began putting her unique vocal stamp on it, ad-libbing and occasionally letting rip. "That's when the vamp started," she said. "I took off. And the vamp was always the part that made the song." 

"That's when the vamp started," she said.

The article also talks about the dramas Holloway had when Black Box lifted her vocal performance for their 1989 hit 'Ride on time' - she sued and received damages; her origins and work in the 70s. Below the video on YT there's a comment from the famed producer, Tom Moulton ... This is a classic disco song, but with such refinement and such energy amid the overall effect; yes I could break it down, but I won't. Just listen to it. There's not much more I can add here really. It's perfect in itself.