Brainsick Enterprize - ‘Time to shine/Playin for keeps’ 12” single (United Recordings, 1997) & 'On a Vibe’ in assoc. DJ Premier

Closely associated with Group Home, they featured on the classic track ‘Tha Realness’ on the 1995 Livin’ Proof record

and DJ Premier – the New Yorkers, Brainsick Enterprize is a, if not the, perfect example of a group that exists under the radar for no logically apparent reason. Appreciated by fans, certainly, re-issued in more recent compilations, but with a negligible presence online (no interviews, no reviews, no basic information on  the members or group: zip).

This is all the more surprising considering the consistent quality of the output and distinctive feel of their music that is at once emblematic of an era, but with a style that separates their work from other acts from that time. There is a smoothness to Brainsick Enterprize - the delivery of the MCs has an intense swing, but avoids the sped-up, peppery style of jagged edges, all consonants - ... there's no need to impress.

Sure, the content of the lyrics is nothing much to write about it, but this doesn't bother me as listening to this music, you can hear a pure, unfiltered voice that feels honest. The straight edge nature of this music works like a tonic for me.

But then, listen to this track ‘On a vibe’ - from a 12" 'in association with DJ Premier' -

with its heightened sense of the dramatic. It reminds me of a stripped back, skeletal ‘Eye of the Tiger’ and yet nothing of the 80s-pose remains apart from the initial development at the start. Can’t think of anything else that comes close to the creation of such a powerful atmosphere (without resorting to blood&gore splatterifics). Nothing about the lyrical content stays with me - I don't even remember what it is about - but what remains with the listener is the depth and originality of the production approach. It's super-smart. 

In 2009, a compilation came out Best of Brainsick: Complete Works, 1996-1998 (Loud & Proud) and more recently, in 2016, from Smoke On Records …

P.S. Brainsick Mob/Bransick Enterprize - educate me on this, if there is any difference.