"Which way you going natty" Hortense Ellis & Clint Eastwood (Top Ranking 12", date?) plus J.Holt

This song is irresistible: especially when Clint Eastwood comes in to spin his particular brand of magic, over the dulcet gentleness of Ellis singing of the munificence of Jah (“Which way are you going Natty?” - Not sure! - “Can I come too?” - Right you are!)

From the Discogs release info:

“On the a side there is a typo as we see a H at the end of the name of Hortense Ellis 
On B side there might be another typo as instead of Freddy we have Dreddy.. the labels talk by themselves 

The catalogue might be TC 002 if the runout talks the truth.”

John Holt’s smooth charmer persona is in overdrive in his version of the song, “Which way you going, Baby” released on his 10,000 Volts of Holt album that came out in 1973 on Trojan.

Under the big-band excess, with strings, is a really nice bassline.