“Song for you” Popcorn (Prime Choice, Shannell Records, 1983)  

Taken from an almost unlistenable EP, apologies to its makers, especially those commenting below the YouTube videos (the man who played keys, in particular), this song is a little marvel. Perhaps that’s unfair, there might be some interest in the Prime Choice release, some humour perhaps – the song “Handy Man” starting with a phone ringing sfx – but most of it sounds like variations on “Ma Cherie Amour,” without anything remotely Stevie about it, not really.

Here  is the EP in any case:

“Song for you,” though, is pretty much perfect in every way. I love the shy-soul-funk-type vocals, and the sentiment, the way the singer seems to be reaching out to express the feeling, it’s very nice – the way the bassline does its descending thing around 3’30” and its odd atmosphere, something that is atypical for releases of its type. Not unheard of, but less common (ergo: rare).

It turns out that the singer/producer of this Florida funk track is known for his Christian-theme recordings; see his Discogs listing: “James Ward is a composer, performer, and recording artist whose innovative Christian contemporary music has been a widespread influence throughout the Christian church and entertainment community since the early 70's..” The artist k.a. James, Jim and Calvin “Popcorn” Ward.