Jazzy Wayz

Massive Staff ‘Suspect’/’Payback’/’So Demandin/’Situations’ (Nasty Newark Air, Safehouse Records, 1994) plus Fabuloso ‘Radio Active’   

Start with ‘Suspect’ with its nice little bassline swing and vocal theatrics, moving into exaggerated monster, channelling Prince Far-I growl – Dancehall-esque, transferred to the US context. To ‘Payback’ – the music running behind it is just great, with that man hitting metal in the foundry effect.

(I’m trying to locate the original track I heard from Massive Staff that struck me as ‘jazzy wayz’ with a sample and chaos and it all working together. I must have written the track title down somewhere).

This must be it: ‘Situations’

Yes. Listen to those minuscule sounds, those trumpet elements that sound like they’re playing out in the background, as the chords build the basis and the MC seems unaware, pronouncing and announcing with that certainty as around 2 mins the music changes direction, the musical elements shift.